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Author: David Stephens

…and they did, too!

…and they did, too!

Tom Atkinson started the proceedings at our Warm Up concert at the Brewery Tap on June 3rd, and set the bar very high for the other acts to follow. All his songs are easy to sing along to, and he soon had the audience joining in. It was great fun!

This is his version of “Everyone Sang” recorded on the night.

      Everyone Sang - Tom Atkinson

Thanks Tom!

A Pearl Of Great Value

A Pearl Of Great Value

The first time I saw Jane Pearl perform was at our Warm Up concert at the Brewery Tap earlier this month. Boy have I missed out! Are they all like that in Kentucky?

Her performance was full of life, energy and humour (see, there’s a “u” between the O and the R in English), and you can detect that in this recording of “Hello New Life” made on the night. Her website is well worth a visit, too.

      Hello New Life - Jane Pearl
Silky smooth melodies

Silky smooth melodies

If you were at our Warm Up concert at the Brewery Tap on June 3rd you will have seen and heard the remarkable Lila J. If you weren’t then you missed a treat! Live music is usually great, and never more so than when you see the band are doing what they love – which Lila J clearly were.

Silky smooth in style, there’s an effortlessness to their music that is joyful to hear. Here’s a preliminary recording of their wonderful song “Gypsy Van”.

      Gypsy Van - Lila J

To hear more of them, check out their website, or look them up on Soundcloud or Facebook. You’ll be glad you did.


Quite a feat

Quite a feat

Our headline act from the Warm Up concert at the Brewery Tap on Saturday June 3rd was The Six Foot Way. We had already had nearly four hours of high quality music, and the band rounded off the evening with a high tempo foot-stomping set that had everyone off their feet. I ain’t never seen dancing like it!

About an hour into their 30 minute set “Railroad” Al’ Davies realised that although he was the compere for the night he hadn’t actually scheduled himself to play. So he grabbed his bouzouki and joined in with The Six Foot Way for the last few extra extra extra songs, before Phil the barman decided it was finally time to chuck everyone out.

Here’s a preliminary recording of The Six Foot Way feat’ Alex Davies playing “Robert McKenzie”. You can check out the band’s website here, and they are also on facebook, where you can see where they’re playing next; if you haven’t seen them live – do yourself a favor!

      Robert McKenzie - The Six Foot Way


A drop of Nelson’s blood

A drop of Nelson’s blood

Last night we enjoyed the Warm Up concert at the Brewery Tap, Mitcheldean, with 8 fantastic acts performing over 5 hours of live music. Well done to everyone who performed, you were brilliant!

While we were so wonderfully entertained, people in London were also out enjoying the warm Saturday evening – until, that is, some were cruelly killed or injured in another terrorist attack.

In solidarity, here is a draft recording from Karl Jennings – one of his own original “faux folk” songs – recorded last night. Legend has it that Nelson’s body was preserved in a barrel of rum until it could be returned to England after Trafalgar. When his body was removed, his crew drank from the rum to give them courage.

      A Drop Of Nelson's Blood - Karl Jennings
It’s nearly time!

It’s nearly time!

Folk Festival Warm Up
Folk Festival Warm Up — 3rd June 2017

It’s almost time for the first concert – our Warm Up concert at the Brewery Tap on Saturday 3rd June, starting at 7PM. The line-up of artists looks great; those I have heard before I am looking forward to hearing again, and those I haven’t heard come highly recommended. It’s going to be a great night! Here’s the featured artists:

Tom Atkinson
Ann Teek
Karl Jennings
Lightly Twned
Jane Pearl
Lila J
Sid Harvey
The Six Foot Way


Matty Groves

Matty Groves

I’ve just realised that this website was seriously lacking in the Matty Groves department. I mean, no self-respecting Folk website would be missing a version of this well known song, am I right? Don’t worry  – it is fixed now! Here is a version performed by May Thrill, from last year’s Folk Festival.

That should get you in the mood for our Fundraiser Concert on June 3rd at the Brewery Tap, Mitcheldean.

      Matty Groves - May Thrill
Leaving The Table

Leaving The Table

The great singer/poet/writer Leonard Cohen has died today, aged 82.

It seems appropriate to mark his passing with a version of perhaps his most famous song – Hallelujah – which was recorded in the bar of the Brewery Tap in Mitcheldean in May 2016, performed by The Baldwin Brothers.

Rest In Peace

      Hallelujah - The Baldwin Brothers
A Taste of 2016

A Taste of 2016

Here is a song from the Fundraiser event held at the Brewery Tap on 28th May 2016. This is “The Jolly Bold Robber“, performed by Smelly Eric. One of their songs will feature on the forthcoming 2016 Mitcheldean Folk Festival CD, which will be released once we have worked through all the tracks from both this event and the showcase concert held in July. There are lots of great songs to choose from!

If you were a performer at either event you should shortly be receiving a copy of your set from the recordings made on the nights, as soon as we have finished post-production. For more information please email Dave.

      Jolly Bold Robber - Smelly Eric