Quite a feat

Quite a feat

Our headline act from the Warm Up concert at the Brewery Tap on Saturday June 3rd was The Six Foot Way. We had already had nearly four hours of high quality music, and the band rounded off the evening with a high tempo foot-stomping set that had everyone off their feet. I ain’t never seen dancing like it!

About an hour into their 30 minute set “Railroad” Al’ Davies realised that although he was the compere for the night he hadn’t actually scheduled himself to play. So he grabbed his bouzouki and joined in with The Six Foot Way for the last few extra extra extra songs, before Phil the barman decided it was finally time to chuck everyone out.

Here’s a preliminary recording of The Six Foot Way feat’ Alex Davies playing “Robert McKenzie”. You can check out the band’s website here, and they are also on facebook, where you can see where they’re playing next; if you haven’t seen them live – do yourself a favor!

      Robert McKenzie - The Six Foot Way


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